Crafting Life

Preparing, Crafting, Refining

Growing with life

Baum Baum
Crafting Life
Psychologist Carol Dweck has spent many years researching how our self-image influences our lives. She discovered that we are essentially influenced by two basic inner attitudes. Depending on this basic attitude, we deal with change and challenges in our lives very differently. […] If we consider our talent, intelligence and abilities as …

The art of inner silence

Mystic Spiral Mystic Spiral
Crafting Life
Inner silence is essential in my life. I trust this mystical emptiness, which is nevertheless so full of abundance. In it I know my being is safe, in it I can listen to my soul and touch my innermost truth. I have always appreciated silence for its quality, as it has always been a safe haven for me to go to when the world around me has become too …

Morning impulses

Morning Sun Morning Sun
Crafting Life
When you get up, you set your intention for your day. Take some time for yourself. How much you need depends on you. Be kind to yourself and don’t take on too much. But it should also not be too little. With giving your time, you show your being appreciation, and you support it so that it can slowly recognize itself and unfold powerfully …

Be with yourself

Flourishing Flower Flourishing Flower
Crafting Life
Therefore, spend time consciously with yourself to really get to know yourself and to create and live a good relationship. To see what a great effect this will have on you and your self-perception, I would like to invite you to spend some time with yourself just minutes every day to give time for just that. It doesn’t matter whether you …

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

Bertrand Russel