About Artejanis

A School of Life Crafting

About Artejanis Artejanis About Artejanis

Artejanis is inspired by the Sardinian word Artejanu which could be translated as artisan or craftworker. The second half remembers the Janas who are known as fairies and teachers of the soul in the Sardinian mythology.

We believe that Living is an Art to be learnt. For sure, everyone can live their life and also can live well. However, to live a life where we feel in alignment with ourselves, expressing our potential and more than anything, flourishing is another story. Artejanis is a living laboratory where you find tools, reflections and protected spaces to support you to become the skilled artisan of your life.

In our School we are sharing our knowledge and skills learnt through scientific, and more than everything, Nature-based methods. We will not provide you with “our way of living” but we will support you with our best tools to find your own way. Everyone of us has unique talents and together we can support you to recognise and to unfold them. Every breath of life is worth to be fully lived.

Make your live a masterpiece, you only get one canvas.

E.A. Bucchianeri

Becoming an Artisan of Life

Preparing, Crafting, Refining

  • Preparing your crafting space

    • Decluttering your life
    • Learning to letting go
    • Leaving a space of suffering
    • Giving yourself space
    • Grounding into yourself
    • Healing the past
    • Healing trauma
    • Setting up healthy boundaries
    • Resolving open conflicts
    • Finding peace in yourself
  • Crafting your life

    • Learning to support yourself
    • Setting up a healthy routine
    • Developing your talents and self-expression
    • Giving meaning to your life
    • Giving birth to your authentic self
    • Unlocking your creativity
    • Learning to love yourself
    • Building healthy relationships
    • Connect with nature
    • Finding balance in life
  • Refining your craft

    • Living in the present
    • Listening to your inner silence
    • Attuning to your higher self
    • Refining your self-expression
    • Refining your senses
    • Learning to trust your intuition
    • Integrating polarities
    • Living a sustainable life
    • Creating nurturing collaborations
    • Discovering new pathways

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

Isha & Joshua

Walking together

Isha & Joshua Artejanis Isha & Joshua

We, Joshua and Isha, met in December 2018 in Brazil. We were in Terra Mirim to participate to XamAM School, another School a Life, and dive deeper into the Shamanic path. It got our attention and curiosity to meet another academic in that context, where knowledge expands beyond epistemic understandings of life. We wouldn’t have ever imagined that our meeting was going to be a life change encounter.

We shared an interest and passion for learning and for science and more than everything our love for nature and our respect for its profound guidance. Since the first moment we started dreaming together, sharing our visions and calls of our souls. We dreamt of a community in Sardinia near the mountains, there were the sea is visible and breathable and where the eagles pose their nests.

Everything was just a dream, felt almost impossible considering our current lives. Yet, step by step our joint path started to reveal itself. In this two years we started to plant our seeds, often meeting in New Moon and strengthening our dreams. Over the summer 2020 we started to work together as young shamans and, in December 27th of 2020 Artejanis was born. Artejanis for us is a space where we share the vibration of love to guide other human beings into a journey of self-knowledge and the crafting of their lives.

We breathe for the sake of breathing, eat and drink for the sake of eating and drinking, we take shelter for the sake of taking shelter, we study to satisfy our curiosity, we take a walk for the walk. All that’s not for the sake of living, it is living. Life is a sincerity.

Emmanuel LeĢvinas


Terra Mirim Movement

Collaborations Artejanis Collaborations

Born in the early 1990s, Terra Mirim is a shamanic community, a foundation and an eco-community located in Simoes Filho in the metropolitan region of Salvador (Bahia - Brazil).

Her founder and spiritual guide is XamAM, a shaman, a priestess and a psychologist devoted to the Mother Goddess and the Four elements. Through shamanic practices and rituals, XamAM guides every year hundreds of people to a path of self-knowledge both in Terra Mirim and abroad. Terra Mirim has now become an international movement that inspires people from different parts of the world.

Terra Mirim is an experimental and ecological centre engaged in the preservation of the Atlantic Forest and in the defence of the rights of the local residents, animals, plants, waters and soil that are constantly under attack. Terra Mirim has been recognized by the Brazilian government and UNESCO for its active involvement, over the last almost 30 years, in promoting sustainable development in its territory.

Nature is our master.