by Joshua

Spring invites you

Plant a seed of life in the fertile soil of your heart and nurture it with your love

It is spring and we can marvel at the colourful life exploding around us in nature. All what has been dormant for so long is awakening to new life, growing wild. Miraculously, with each passing day, new seeds sprout from the ground, new leaves open and new flowers enchant us with their colours and fragrances. Nature celebrates growth, unfolding and blossoming and also makes our cells vibrate with life

Gratefully, I can just experience how many seeds that I have patiently sown and watered over the past years are beginning to grow with strength, many relationships are deepening and many fruitful new things are developing in a miraculous way. I am looking at my life right now with very deep gratitude and joy, which has almost explosively freed itself from the rigidity of winter.

In this blossoming I am now writing this text, which speaks the language of spring for you in every season. In the last few weeks I have been in the nearby forest almost every day, I have gone into the silence and made myself empty inside in order to listen to spring and to experience it with all my senses.

Stay, listen and breathe - because spring is here.


Green, so sings the spring cheerfully,
all awake enchanted free.
Wind elates life on,
Birds call: be there!

Newly spring paints soft colours,
vividly mingles powerful green.
Trees pray on high,
in gratitude the violets bloom.

Even the weather plays with all its moods,
far the eye, the heart sings.
Spring lets us marvel again,
how a new dance begins.

April 2020 (Translated from German)

Yes, it is spring again. What joy, what joy! Colourful and alive, spring invites us to be part of this colourful happening and you can touch one of the deepest mysteries of life. You really can. Go into nature and activate your senses. Allow yourself to smell, hear, taste, touch and see with all your senses. Let the rich colours activate you, smell the fragrance of life, listen to the wake-up call of the birds, taste the fresh herbs and gently touch the tender, delicate shoots with your fingertips. Be a part of this joyful awakening and blossoming and experience what it is like to resonate with it. The vibrations of spring also awaken us to life and allow us to participate generously.

In its language, spring teaches us what we can do in our everyday lives in order to blossom with life. Let yourself enter into this language without words and listen. Connect with spring and imagine your life symbolically as a fine, wild garden. As a gardener, you now have the valuable task of creating a place of life in which your soul can feel at home

Enter your life garden and look around in it. Breathe and feel how you feel in it. What do you perceive? Do you hear sounds? Do you perhaps perceive a smell? Look at the soil of the garden, feel it with your hands and check if it is fertile or if it needs something from you. Look at the plants that are growing gracefully and the flowers that are blooming. But also look at the plants that need more care or have even dried up, and look at the weeds that are rampant in your garden. Don’t look away and allow everything to affect you - it is your garden.

Connected to the creative power of spring, you now have the opportunity to sow new seeds, plant new flowers and remove overgrown weeds. Dive into the question: “What do I need so that my soul feels comfortable in my life garden? Take time for yourself and listen within. You can trust the not knowing. Allow your answer to arise on its own from within you. As always, be loving and patient with yourself. If you sow too many seeds or plant too many flowers, you will not be able to keep up with the watering. If you weed too much, you will only discover more weeds with your weed-eye, forgetting your seeds and flowers.

What spring did not sow, summer cannot ripen, autumn cannot reap, winter cannot enjoy.

Johann Gottfried von Herder

Pick out just one seed for this year. A seed that is particularly important for you and your life. Have the courage and confidence to plant this seed in your garden of life and, with care and love, gradually make it grow and flourish. Let this seed become an important part of your life and give it your attention, just as the sun accompanies us every day. Take it with you into the morning to greet the day and into the silence of the night when you close your eyes and say thank you to the day. Take it with you into your prayer and let it germinate in the fertile soil of your heart.

Your soul will be grateful…

Nature is our master.


A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

Albert Einstein