June 13–17, 2024 Ogliastra (Sardinia)
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Shamanic Journey in the Land of Ancestral Healing with XamAM and Dhan from Terra Mirim from Brazil

With great honour, this retreat will be guided by XamAM and Dhan Ribeiro from Terra Mirim tribe (Brazil). The shamans will guide us into a journey to touch deeper ourselves and the ancient healing frequencies of Sardinia.

Decolonising our minds, purifying our bodies, nurturing our spirits

Sardinia - a land of myths, wisdom and wilderness. A land where tribes from all the Mediterranean would come to healing and the drink from its source of wellness. But also a land were many tribes passed and attempted to colonise. In this process of colonisation, something remained quite pure and untouched: the mystical essence of the land. A vibration that touches anyone who steps their feet in Sardinia. That vibration cannot be colonised, cannot be taken, it belongs to Mother Nature. In this journey of heling and self-knowledge, we will decolonise those concepts that do not serve us anymore, we will bring a cleanse to our bodies and drink from the nectar of Mother Nature.
In this journey we will travel from the coastal and mountains areas of the East coast, where honouring the native population archaeological sites, and supported by the shamanic medicines, we will create a space to listen the ancient wisdom of this land.
It’s wonderful to have our teachers, XamAM and Dhan Ribeiro from the Brazilian tribe Terra Mirim, to guide us into a deep shamanic journey in the ancestral land of Sardinia. The Shamans have been walking the path of the Goddess Mother inspired by the Shamanism of the Four Elements for more than 40 years.

It’s an honour to welcome our teachers and to be able to share their wisdom and sacred medicines with us. For those who feel the call, this is a warm invitation to join us in this shamanic journey to feel, touch and activate the precious healing energy of Sardinia in us.


Thursday, June 13th
Arrival in Tortolì (recommended from 2pm to 7pm)
Accommodation arrangements
Sharing Circle

Friday, June 14th
Morning dynamics
Light lunch
Preparation of the Purification Lodge
Rite of the Purification Lodge

Saturday, June 15th
Morning dynamics and visit to a sacred site
A Journey into ancestral Sardinia
Ritual: Spirit of the Mountains and of the Waters

Sunday, June 16th
Sharing circle
Local tour in the Afternoon

Monday, June 17th
Shepard’s experience in Baunei
Shamanic Dynamics
Final sharing and goodbyes, exchange gift

Tuesday, June 18th

Contribution and Information 

Journey Contribution:

760 euros (in twin rooms – 14 places available)

650 euros (in tent - 6 places available)

To reserve a place, 200 € is to be paid by bank transfer in advance.

Included are shamanic rituals and guidance, meals as indicated above, translation, organisation and accommodation for 5 nights.

The retreat has a limited number of people and will be in Italian and in English.

Regarding transport, best airports to arrive are Cagliari or Olbia. According to the group, we might decide to rent collective cars to share with the others.

If you feel the call for this retreat you are very welcome to join. You will have a chat with Isha to see, if this program is suitable for you and we will send more info. This retreat is for anyone that feels ready to go a bit deeper into themselves.

Contact us for any information - or directly to or in Facebook or Instagram at

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All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

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