January 6–7, 2024 Tortolì, Su Para (Sardinia)
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Winter Purification Lodge

With the summer season closing and the autumn arriving soon, we want to come together and share the sacred medicine of the purification lodge with you to purify ourselves and to celebrate life in its various forms.

There is something very magical about the ritual of the purification lodge in the middle of the Sardinian winter.

🔥 The grandfather fire warms up the stones bringing warmth and light to these cold winter days.

🌱 The cool and moist mother earth nourishes the roots of the ancient citrus trees that are bearing their first fruits of the season.

🍊 The air is infused by the scent of mandarins and oranges making us imagining the juiciness and sweetness in our palates.

🌿 The herbal bath gathers the care of those Mediterranean herbs that are ready to bless our new year.

⛺️ The lodge, covered with shawls like a wise lady who wants to warm her up, opens her arms to welcome us.

This is an invitation:

  • to experience the winter alchemy of the Rite of Purification Lodge

  • to be embraced by the warm womb of the Mother Earth

  • to purify our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

  • to bless the beginning of our new year

The ritual of the purification lodge - often also called sweat lodge - is a shamanic medicine for purification. Every ritual holds the possibility to receive, to heal and to dive deeper into the core of our being. We celebrate this ritual to open our heart and our intuition to the fine, healing vibrations of the Great Mother and to connect with the power and wisdom of the Four Elements. Each time we renew an old bond that reminds us again and again that we are children of planet earth.

What we offer:

  • Ritual of the purification lodge

  • Shamanic dynamics

  • Mantras and shamanic songs

  • Preparation of the lodge

  • Sacred fire

  • Herbal bath

  • Shamanic sharing circle

Join us for this joyful celebration. No experience of shamanism is needed.

Saturday 6th January: 2pm to 9.30pm
Sunday 7th January: 10am to 1pm

Contribution: 65 to 95 euros depending on your possibilities. The ritual is limited to 10 people to provide an intimate and individual experience.

This ritual will be in Italian and in English.

Contact us for any information - or directly to info@artejanis.org or in Facebook or Instagram at @artejanis.community.

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Besides being an academic, Isha has been walking the shamanic path since 2012 and offers shamanic individual sessions, workshops and retreats. She supports people into a process of self-knowledge and healing guided by her intuition and Mother Nature.
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