July 23–24, 2022 Campo Tagore, Tertenia (Sardinia)
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We Young Women, New Moons

A weekend for young women who want to discover their feminine, understand their cyclical nature and live more peacefully with their body and their cycle.

“We Young Women, New Moons” is a 2-day immersive workshop aimed at young women. The purpose is to create a collaborative space where we can talk about this phase of life, our female body and our cyclical nature. The workshop includes dynamic and interactive sessions where you can know a bit more yourself and your body through creativity, music and words.

Some of the topics that will be addressed are:

  • How can I live better with my period?
  • What are my four lunar seasons and how can they help me?
  • How do I experience the transition of my body and what relationship do I have with it?

In these two days it will be possible to stay together, get to know each other and explore crucial issues of our becoming women. The workshop includes the program above, collective meals of Saturday evening and Sunday breakfast and lunch, and a night together in a tent in Campo Tagore. In addition, during these two days there will be plenty of free time to swim in the sea, get to know each other better and spend some time together.


  • Saturday 23
    Meeting in Campo Tagore (Tertenia) at 10.00
    Seminar: My Four Lunar Seasons
    Dynamics: The myth of Artemis
    Dynamic: Rite of Passage: “I, Young Woman”
  • Sunday 24
    Seminar: The misteries of my body
    Closing circle
    Closing and goodbyes at 6pm

Please keep in mind that the program may be subject to slight changes according to the inspiration and the weather.

For whom? 

This workshop is for young people from 14 years old and above and for all those who consider themselves young women. It is for those who want to understand their relationship with the feminine, who want to know themselves and the mysteries of becoming a woman, who want to live in more harmony with their body and activate an energy of creativity and well-being.


The workshop is offered by The New University of Free Pedagogy (LUNP) and will be held in Campo Tagore - Tertenia (NU).


The workshop will be held by Isha, a lecturer in Human Geography at the university of Salford in Manchester and a shamanic apprentice at the Terra Mirim community in Brazil. For some years Isha has dedicated herself to the female world and has been initiated as a Daughter of the Moon by XamAM Alba Maria.


Contribution: 65 euros + 20 euros for the stay in Campo Tagore

Contact Isha for any information to, at 3283481534, on Facebook or Instagram at @artejanis. community.

this Workshop is with
Besides being an academic, Isha has been walking the shamanic path since 2012 and offers shamanic individual sessions, workshops and retreats. She supports people into a process of self-knowledge and healing guided by her intuition and Mother Nature.

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

Martin Buber