February 27, 2021 Cala Moresca, Arbatax (Sardinia)
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Element Water

This is an offering for the Goddess of the Sea in an evening of Full Moon.

This is the time to celebrate abundance. The abundance of our waters and our life. We will meet to prepare the floral arrangement and engage with a shamanic dynamic in front of the sea at the rising of the full moon.

Clear and crystalline waters
Generous waters
That welcome the bodies and emotions of many
They Refresh
They clean
Flowers, herbs and love
We offer
We are thankful

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this Workshop is with
Besides being an academic, Isha has been walking the shamanic path since 2012 and offers shamanic individual sessions, workshops and retreats. She supports people into a process of self-knowledge and healing guided by her intuition and Mother Nature.
Besides being a Mathematician, he is a trained Gestalt therapist and studies Psychology in Vienna. Joshua has been walking the shamanic path since 2012 and guides in single sessions, shamanic rituals and seminars through the wilderness of the soul. He awakens ancient, ancestral memories and (re-)connects people with Mother Nature following his inner voice.

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

Martin Buber